Relax w/ Brigade, endless hot water on demand
Break the cycle w/ Brigade and stop replacing your water heater every 3 to 5 years
Brigade is the Top Chef in every commercial kitchen
Small footprint packed w/ a lot of power
Brigade Water Heater


A breakthrough in smart design, PVI’s Brigade commercial water heater delivers reliable hot water for demanding full-service restaurant applications, medium to small-sized hotels, healthcare facilities, rest stops, schools, and government buildings. Brigade is considered top chef in the restaurant because of its high efficiency, durability, and a compact footprint that ensures the facility managers restaurant has a long-lasting system that saves on space and operating costs.


MSRP: $10,000 

Regular price Pro-Price: $7,900 Save $-7,900

  • Operates within a 95% - 99% thermal efficiency

  • Constructed from PVI'S AquaPLEX® duplex stainless steel alloy

  • Compact footprint (16.25" X 26.5 X 75")

  • 7:1 turndown ratio

  • Touch-screen operating control with user-friendly status and fault diagnostics

  • Simple installation

  • All connections located on top of the unit for easy access

  • Brigade units are available at 199MBH

  • 25 gallon storage

  • 227 gallons per hour from 40°F to 140°F

  • 185°F maximum water temperature setpoint

  • NSF 5 certified

Badges Explained:

ENERGY STAR products are the same or better than standard products, only they use less energy. To earn the ENERGY STAR, they must meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Energy. Since they use less energy, these products save you money on your electricity bill and help protect the environment by causing fewer harmful emissions from power plants.

SCAQMD the South Coast Air Quality Management District (District) amended Rules 1146 and 1146.1, which limit emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) from industrial, institutional and commercial boilers, steam generators, and process heaters.

NSF/ANSI 372 Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content is an American National Standard that establishes a standardized methodology for the determination and verification of product compliance to minimize lead contaminants. The NSF/ANSI 372 standard includes:

1) A maximum weighted lead content requirement of 0.25 percent (0.2 percent for solders and fluxes)

2) A formula for calculating the weighted average lead content of each product prior to testing

3) Specific procedures for testing products for lead content

NSF5 This Standard contains requirements for heat recovery equipment and equipment intended to provide hot water heated by electricity, gas, steam, or oil. The types of equipment covered by this Standard include, but are not limited to: automatic storage water heaters, circulating water heaters, hot water supply boilers, and steam heat exchangers. Instantaneous water heaters used to heat water other than for beverages are covered under this Standard.

BAA The Buy American Act means that a registered product must meet a two part test:

1) The end product must be manufactured in the United States; and

2) At least 50% of the cost of the components must also be of U.S. origin. FAR 25.003. This second part is commonly referred to as the “component test

Where can I use the Brigade?

The Brigade Water Heater can be used anywhere that requires hot water and has a gas line! 

Restaurants- The Brigade product is NSF5 certified which means it's perfect for restaurants. Due to its modular design, this product is ideal for any dining establishment that seats anywhere from 5-1,000 seats! Its ultra-low footprint and front-side connections allow it to be easily installed in tight spaces. Backed by our 6-year warranty, the Brigade is fabricated with robust materials, such as duplex stainless steel, for superior performance and maximum uptime reliability. No more replacing your water heater every 3 years.

Hotels – The Brigade is perfect for small hotels under 60 rooms. Keeping hot water storage is a thing of the past. The Brigade can provide endless hot water at the required demand. Its ultra-low footprint design and front-side connections allow for this water heating system to take less space than traditional wall-hung water heaters. These can easily be tucked away in a small maintenance closet without taking up much space, leaving more space for rooms or amenity spaces.  


Healthcare – The Brigade is perfect for outpatient and urgent care facilities where space is a premium, but hot water is a requirement. The ultra-low footprint and modular design allow for healthcare facilities to save space on mechanical equipment all while providing consistent and reliable hot water. The Brigade is NSF5 compliant which is beneficial to the sanitary level of the water.

Rest Stops – The Brigade is an ideal solution for rest stops. The high turndown ratio allows the Brigade to operate efficiently while the facility is at medium to full capacity. In addition, due to the high modulation capability of the Brigade, it will operate efficiently even during low peak-demand hours when usage is low.

Schools and Government – The Brigade takes up a small amount of space making it perfect for schools and government buildings that have a requirement for hot water. The ultra-low footprint combined with energy savings makes this a “GRADE A” solution. 

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